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I never had a taste for writing in third person, and I feel that the format in general carries with it a kind of unnecessary grandeur.

Man faces 25 years in prison for allegedly assaulting

He has several jobs, but his main job is being a firefighter.Includes news, scores, schedules, statistics, photos and video.A second man died on Friday due to injuries he sustained when a Brighton Beach man brutally bludgeoned him and two co-workers with a hammer inside a Sheepshead Bay restaurant on Tuesday, police said.Parker was known as the greatest con-man in American history, managing to sell landmark items like Madison Square Gardens, the Statue of Liberty and, you guessed it, the Brooklyn Bridge.

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The Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

The man, Oscar Morel, 35, was taken into custody late Sunday after the police connected him to a hit and run that occurred about a mile away from the fatal attack, the police said.My wife has been dealing with trouble with her Mac laptop for some time now and no one could give me a straight answer.In the food service industry he found a place to utilize his creativity and love of people.

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NYPD: Brooklyn man confesses to murdering girlfriend

A chef at a Brooklyn restaurant died after a man with a hammer burst into the business and attacked him and two others in what police say was a random attack.

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He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre in his first appearance, Stuck in a Tree.

The hammer-swinging madman charged with killing an Asian chef at a Brooklyn buffet told cops he was inspired by a movie about Chinese mistreatment of women, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

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The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, and Julie Walters.Guy, best known as The Brooklyn Guy and Brooklyn Firefighter is a main character in SuperMarioLogan.Police say a man is under arrest in connection with a Sheepshead Bay hammer attack that left a person dead and two others seriously injured.

When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.

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This unnamed child was a one-time character who was Brooklyn T.Peter Kokis makes robots or, more correctly, he turns into robots.A man armed with a hammer and screaming gibberish stormed into a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Tuesday evening, killing the chef and critically injuring two other people, police said.

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He is the main antagonist of the SML Home Alone videos, the Bowser Junior Goes To Military School videos, The Purge and The Diamond.James Polite was charged Friday with criminal mischief as a hate.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine spreads it around a bit more (Charles and occasionally Amy get their share of the mockery) but is happy to keep firing most of the bullets at Hitchcock and Scully. After all.Not only did Peter give me great advice, he responded right away.

Guy Brandt has been in the food business for 30 years after pursuing a career as a percussionist.He is a man from New York with a Brooklyn accent who acts sarcastic.

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